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Ed | Nov. 17, 2020, 8:25 p.m.

When I was first starting out with Django, I initially struggled to get my head around it. Fortunately, after following the Mozilla Development Network's Local Library website tutorial, the penny finally dropped.

Screenshot of Local Library app

Screenshot of Local Library app

As the application manages copies of books in a library, I found it easier to conceptualise how these 'objects' would be handled in the real-world. This really helped cement in my mind how the different components of Django interact with one another.

The tutorial provides detailed explanation, and provides the next step after completing the 'polls' app tutorial from the official Django documentation. In particular, the tutorial provides a good explanation of using forms.

I decided to include the Local Library app on this site, so I can refer back to it - although at present, this version is incomplete.

Click the button to launch the Library Catalogue app.

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