Good behaviour reward points

Ed | Jan. 6, 2021, 10:56 p.m.

The children were settled watching a Christmas movie, and I realised I had time for a quick, fun Django project.

Screenshot of reward system form

Screenshot of reward system form

I designed a simple reward system for my children to earn points for good behaviour. The points system uses a data model to represent each child, including various querysets to calculate individual scores; and a 'point instance model, records the reason the point was earned, and categorises the point by theme.

Points are added through a simple form, as shown in the image. I used bootstrap on the front-end pages, meaning the pages look great both on large and small screens - points can be earned even when we are away from home!

At present, total scores are shown in various tables - which is a bit dull for a project aimed at kids. I intend to develop the project further to make the front end pages more fun and engaging, with images and javascript charts to graphically show the data.

To view the rewards system, click the button. Note that you must be logged in to view the app.

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