Ed | Nov. 16, 2020, 10:27 p.m.

A polls app posing a series of questions and multiple choice answers, based on the tutorial from the official Django documentation.

Screenshot of polls app

Screenshot of polls app

My first introduction to Django was through the 'polls' app in the official Django documentation. I often find it helpful to return to this project if I ever feel a bit overwhelmed and need to refresh my memory of the basics.

I therefore decided to keep a 'live' version of the polls app running on my server. I have populated the app with a series of 'Would you rather...' questions. My version of the app broadly follows that in the official docs, although I have styled it with some bootstrap - and added a results page, so that once the user has finished answering the questions, they can see how others responded!

Click the button to launch the polls app.

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